Match Mixers And Where Will Online Dating Go Next

I’ve seen those commercials for the Match Mixers.  I was wondering if anyone has gone to one?  Are they trying to take online dating offline or something?  

It got me thinking about where will online dating go in the future and what other ways will people start meeting.  I didn’t think too hard.  But there has to be someone somewhere working on the next big online dating site or a new way for people to meet people.  

Let me know if anyone has tried the Match Mixers.  I’m curious of what it was like.  Also, speed dating I’ve heard some horror stories from that realm as well.  

I’ll go on more:)  You would think that will all these people out there trying to meet people to date and have relationships with there would be some way to make the process a little smoother.  Online dating was on the right track.  But just like everything else in our society, it got over saturated with making the all mighty buck and that took the innocence of meeting someone out of it.

I’m all for paying for a service.  But a service that is done right.  The online dating companies need to some how clean up the sites and get back to the basics so people can meet quality people on them.  And I know it’s not all the fault of the dating sites.  Users are responsible as well.  But the sites should put some of the hard earned money that we pay to be on them back into trying to make them more legit instead expanding them into new ways of getting more people to join.



I hope that all made sense.  I’m done ranting for the day:) 








Good Friends

Good friends are hard to come by.  If you have some, make sure they know you appreciate them:) 


Common Sense

I’ve commented on some other blogs about this very subject recently and it’s made me decide to post about it.  Where is the common sense when it comes to online dating and in life in general?

Let’s start with online dating.  What could a man possibly be thinking when they send a one line email straight up asking for sex?  Or a one line email not asking for sex, but just ONE line.  Or the form letters? Or hi.  Don’t men have any common sense to think that a woman isn’t going to respond to one of those.  Half my time online is going through my inboxes deleting these time wasting emails.  Don’t men (men I’m ragging on you because that’s who I get most of my emails from.  Yes, I have gotten a few women and a couple here and there.) know that we women get a ton of these and don’t respond to them, or do we women?  I have to think that most don’t.  Maybe the desperate ones might respond to, “Let’s fuck,” or “Nice tits.  I would look good between them.”  (Yes, that’s one of my favorites I received.)  But I would have to think they’re few and far between.  Even if a guy just wants to fuck, doesn’t he at least know how to online lie and try to make that happen?  I would think it’s common sense.

Which leads me to believe that common sense on a whole is a problem in our country.   Common sense isn’t taught.  It’s learned.  But why aren’t people learning anymore?  Is it because things like dating online are making the way to meet someone more convenient and easy.  Hence you’re not learning anything about how to really meet someone the old fashioned way because it’s so easy that you’re not taking anything away from it?  And it’s not just online dating.  People going down the wrong way in parking lots… up the downs and down the ups.  I’m not getting started on that one.

Anyway, I just wish people would put a little more thought into their actions, whether it be online or off.  Both actually!

How Deep Is Shallow

So I’ve slowly been trying to control my dating addiction.  I still don’t know if I’m actually addicted though.  Anyway, I’ve been on a few dates with a guy we will call Roger.  Roger is sweet.  Roger is nice.  Roger has a brain.  Roger is attractive.  But Roger isn’t sexually attractive, to me at least.

He has a nice face.  But he’s not a man’s man.  He told me shaves his body.  I like a man with chest hair, so I know he’s a man.  He doesn’t like steak.  I like steak.  And I like a man that can grill a steak.  He has more of a swimmers build.  I like a man with some muscle.  You see where I’m going.

Like I said we get along well.  And he is an attractive man.  I think I could have sex with him.  But I don’t think I would be fully into it.  And I think we’re at that point where he wants to.  I do like spending time with him.  But I have enough friends.  I feel like if I have sex with him, I’ll lead him on because he’ll think we’re taking the next step and really I’m just trying him out.  Then I think, maybe it will be okay.  I’m torn.

Is it shallow of me to think this way?  And are there levels to being shallow?  Or are you shallow or you’re not?  Anyone’s thoughts would be appreciated.


I’ve been around know-it-alls all of my life.  I grew up with them.  I’ve worked with them. I’ve served jury duty with them.  Most recently, I found myself on a date with one.

4th of July eve drinks with Biff, why not?  Biff wasn’t his real name.  But Biff’s personality was exactly what you’d think a “Biff personality” would be like.  He was a handsome guy.  I do however suspect that he had someone write his profile and do his correspond with me.  Because he did not sound like the same person, in person.

As soon as we got our drinks, Biff was off to the races.  He knew everything about everything.  Biff knew the best Bloody Mary mix.  He said the kind I use was cheap.  I received a dissertation on why a drama is the best genre of films.  The comedies I enjoy are stupid and have no substance, according to Biff.  The evening culminated when Biff proceeded to tell me why I date the wrong kind of guys.  His reasoning was, I’m too picky.  “Not picky enough apparently,” is what I answered him with.  Then it got a little out of control.  It ended with me telling him that calling him a know-it-all would be too much of a compliment because that would mean he would actually have some knowledge.  I told him he was just an asshole.  I paid for my two drinks and left.

I felt bad about what I said.  When I got home I texted him that I was sorry for my outburst.  Surprisingly, he said that he was partially to blame.  He said he was a little high strung because he gets nervous on first dates.  He asked to see me again.  I politely declined.  The final text I received from him said, “BITCH.”  

Know-it-alls think they know everything.  Why then don’t they know that nobody likes a know-it-all.  And you know they get called out for being a know-it-all somewhere sometime.  So if a know-it-all happens to read this blog, know this, at least try to pretend that you don’t know everything.  

I vented and now I’m going to bed.


My Back Story

Here’s the back story on me.  I’ll try and keep it short.

I’m originally from a small midwest town.  My family was heavy church going people.  I never really did a lot of dating growing up.  Had a few boyfriends here and there.  Then for whatever reason when I turned 34, I thought I should get married.  The guy I was with at the time proposed and I did it.  It was very boring.  I don’t heap all the blame on him.  Part of it was my fault.  But I didn’t know any better.  I lived a sheltered life growing up.  I realized right after we got married that I didn’t want to be with him.  He wanted kids I didn’t.  I told him I was off the pill.  I wasn’t.  Anyway, our sex life became nonexistent.  But I was horny.  I needed a change in my life.

At the ripe age of 38, I made a tidal wave of changes and wiped my life out as I new it.  I got a divorce.  I left the small town and moved to the big city.  (By the way, I work for a national insurance company.  They made it easy for me relocate.  Because that could have been a wipeout, if you catch my drift… wrong season, ha ha!) But when I got to the city, I didn’t know anyone.  I read a lot.  And that was about it.  But I knew I wanted to be with men and I wanted to get out more.  So I thought I would try online dating because the dates would get me out.  And boy oh boy, has it.

So now you know a little bit more about me than you did before you read this post.

The Maiden Post

I guess I’m wondering, am I an internet dating addict?  I go on a lot of dates.  I’ve met some great guys and some schmucks.  I’ve had some great sex and some two pumps chumps.  So overall, it’s been a good experience for me after my lame marriage.  I guess I’ll have to tell about that in another post.

Anyway, I find myself on spending a lot of time on a few sites.  And a couple times, I’ve said”This is it,” after I’ve had a few bad dates in a row.  But I always find myself coming back to the sites.  It’s just so easy to set up a date.

Can there be such a thing as an internet dating addict?  I think I can stop completely.  But wouldn’t the only way to know is to stop completely?  Even if I stopped for a month, then I would get back on.  I think if I found someone I really wanted to be in a relationship with, I could stop.  Again, I’ll have to tell my back story of why I’m not looking for a relationship.  That will be next.