I Said, Something

I broached the kissing issue with the bad kisser.  It didn’t go quite as I planned.  

We sat down on his couch and started kissing and he got all stiff on me.  Not down there.  His tongue.  I lightly pulled back and said that I wanted to talk to him about something.  There was an awkward pause because I still didn’t know how to say that he is a bad kisser in a nice way.  Longer pause.  He said, “Say something.”  “Something,” I said.  Awkward pause again.  And then I asked if he could just loosen his tongue up a little when he kissed.  I asked if he could do it a little softer and gentler.  He asked if he was bad kisser.  I said no.  Our techniques and styles are different.  He said he would try to take it easier with his tongue.

He did try.  But it made it even worse because, and I don’t know if this will even make sense, but someone trying to kiss is worse than someone being a bad kisser.  Uhhhhgggggg!  

I have been told there is power in words.  Here goes nothing.  I want a man who can kiss, has a personality, is intelligent, and knows how to push my sex buttons! 




7 thoughts on “I Said, Something

    • Well if my iPhone wasnt so premature in the posting it might have made more sense.

      If you are willing to give him one more shot try suggesting that you want to show him what YOU like (just like you would share your likes and dislikes when it comes to sex). I’d even suggest to go as far as blindfolding him (as in sex therapy) and telling him you want him to totally relax and not kiss you back, just allow you to kiss him showing him what you like. If he can’t get the hint after that, as Gertie says…practice the catch and release method and go fishing again. Some people are teachable, some are not.

  1. I still believe this is a skill that can be learned. I have not kissed many women in my life, but when I have kissed, I can tell I’m taking their breath away. I’ve not been told one way or the other if I’m good or bad, but I have to assume that when a woman wants a kiss, it’s because I do it right.

    But everyone has a style. Some women love lots of tongue. Some don’t. Some love lingering on my lower lip for that extra second. It has varied.

    These lips are not getting any regular use, though. Am I a good kisser? I’d like to think so.

    I wrote a blog post back in 2010 about how I realized I missed kissing the most. Out of everything a relationship brings with it, kissing seemed to be that one thing that left me craving the air in front of me. I couldn’t even bring myself to see two people kiss on television.

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