2 Inches

Long story short, I meet up with a guy earlier tonight from OKCupid for drinks.  He was a cute guy and seemed intelligent.  His profile said he was 6′ tall.  I’m 5’8 and I normally like a man to be taller than I am.  Just my preference.  But I liked this guy and we had a good conversation on the phone.

I showed up wearing 2 inch heeled sandals.  I was two inches taller than he was, which would make him 5’8.  We have some small talk.  Then I excuse myself and go to the bathroom to make sure.  There’s his profile with 6′.  I go back out and ask him how tall he was and he said 5’9.  I pulled out my phone with his profile and showed it to him.  He embarrassingly smiled.  Then I said are you really 5’9?  He embarrassingly smiled again.  5’8 he said.  

I asked why he lied on his profile.  He layed a heavy guilt trip on me culminated with he liked women taller than he was and it was hard for him to meet them.  It was sad and pathetic at the same time.  I wanted to storm out of there because not only did he lie from the start, but he was shorter than me!  I felt bad for him.  So I stayed.  

When were leaving, he asked if he could see me again.  I told him no and he should know why.  He said it’s only two inches and he would be fine if I wore heelless shoes all the time.  I told him size matters to me and I’m not talking about what’s in your pants.  I kissed him on the cheek and was on my way.





25 thoughts on “2 Inches

  1. Goodness… that is confronting!! I like a guy that is taller than me too. I have experienced the same thing regarding the height they say on their profiles and the “real life” height. I have never said anything though… as I just put it down to them having a bit of an issue. Then one date pulled me up on my height being incorrect on my profile it was 152 when I am 173cm; but I hadn’t realised that I had selected the wrong height. When you select it, if you don’t click out of the section; when you scroll down it changes. WHOOPS – my bad!!! 😀

    • I don’t think it’s so much an issue as they want to be deceitful to go on a date with a girl with the hope that she will look past his height or lack there of. Half an inch is the max that I think someone could get away with. Like a guy that’s 5’11 and a half could get away with 6′.

      What you did sounds like an honest mistake:)

      What dating site has height in centimeters?

  2. Ohhhh… I don’t condone lying at all, it seems silly really to give false details 😛 I live in Australia and we use the metric system.

  3. This is, I believe, one of my biggest problems in meeting women. Most women do like men who are taller than they are. Nothing wrong with that, it’s 10,000 years of evolution at work. I’m 5’6″. I NEVER lie about my height (or anything else for that matter) on profiles. It’s just wrong, and besides, the idea is to eventually meet face to face, and women aren’t stupid. They’re gonna notice.

    Anyway, no one is ever interested and I think that’s part of it. Nothing I can do about it. I’m confident in who I am. I’m bright, talented and very funny. I actually love being short because people always underestimate me. But, it’s not an appealing trait.

      • Thank you for the compliment. Honestly is extremely important, especially if you’re entering a potential relationship. However, I’m afraid my honesty and confidence are not enough. I have zero appeal to women and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will spend the rest of my life alone.

  4. Height doesn’t matter. What matters is how you treat a woman and being honest. I like when my man is comfortable in his own skin not trying to be what he is not. It’s attractive!
    Plus if a guy isn’t tall or good-looking and is still confident it might make a girl want to get to know him (to find out what’s making him so confident!).

      • It doesn’t go far enough in my case. I treat women very well. I respect them far more than the average guy does and I’m always honest.

        I very bright and funny with a great personality and I am confident, but it’s not enough. Women are not interested in me. I’m always the friend.

      • It’s hard to find quality people in the world today. And it’s especially hard to find one to be in a relationship with. It takes a lot of time. All you can do is put yourself out there, which it sounds like do and be aware. So if the right women for you comes along, you’re ready. In that, the situations where you become the friend or whatever the case may be, it’s not the right woman for you.

  5. Thank god for phones! I love that he tried to switch it around and make you the bad guy. I’d say he probably had a whole host of unappealing traits, other than his lying and lack of height.

  6. Ha … this happens to me all the time … I am 5’10 … I think guys on dating sites use a magic tapemeasure … I have a blog post about the magic tape measure …. check it out!
    I have never once had the balls to ask the small man about why he pretended to be a biggerman though … absolute respect x

    • I’ll check it out. What is really hilarious is the guys that try to lie to me in person, face to face, like in a bar. I’ve had guys in a first conversation after just meeting me ask how tall I am. I say 5’8. And they try to tell me they’re 5’9 or 6′. They try to add an inch to themselves right on the spot like I’m a moron. One, I know how tall I am. Two, I can tell from eye level if I’m taller, even if it’s just a little. I’m become quite good at that.

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