Match Mixers And Where Will Online Dating Go Next

I’ve seen those commercials for the Match Mixers.  I was wondering if anyone has gone to one?  Are they trying to take online dating offline or something?  

It got me thinking about where will online dating go in the future and what other ways will people start meeting.  I didn’t think too hard.  But there has to be someone somewhere working on the next big online dating site or a new way for people to meet people.  

Let me know if anyone has tried the Match Mixers.  I’m curious of what it was like.  Also, speed dating I’ve heard some horror stories from that realm as well.  

I’ll go on more:)  You would think that will all these people out there trying to meet people to date and have relationships with there would be some way to make the process a little smoother.  Online dating was on the right track.  But just like everything else in our society, it got over saturated with making the all mighty buck and that took the innocence of meeting someone out of it.

I’m all for paying for a service.  But a service that is done right.  The online dating companies need to some how clean up the sites and get back to the basics so people can meet quality people on them.  And I know it’s not all the fault of the dating sites.  Users are responsible as well.  But the sites should put some of the hard earned money that we pay to be on them back into trying to make them more legit instead expanding them into new ways of getting more people to join.



I hope that all made sense.  I’m done ranting for the day:) 








One thought on “Match Mixers And Where Will Online Dating Go Next

  1. One of my girlfriends tried the match mixer and HATED it. She said there were a lot of creeps which ended up being awkward because they never knew when to step off.

    Another one of my girlfriends does They have an option for dinner or a mixer. She definitely prefers the dinner because there are less people (no more than 6 guys/6 girls) and it’s a more relaxed setting. You can control the age limit for dinners but the mixers have a wide variety of ages which she didn’t like.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. These dating sites need to put more effort into weening out the chumps and replacing them with good… quality men.

    If I were single, and ballin’ out of control, I would sign up with a matchmaker.

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