Common Sense

I’ve commented on some other blogs about this very subject recently and it’s made me decide to post about it.  Where is the common sense when it comes to online dating and in life in general?

Let’s start with online dating.  What could a man possibly be thinking when they send a one line email straight up asking for sex?  Or a one line email not asking for sex, but just ONE line.  Or the form letters? Or hi.  Don’t men have any common sense to think that a woman isn’t going to respond to one of those.  Half my time online is going through my inboxes deleting these time wasting emails.  Don’t men (men I’m ragging on you because that’s who I get most of my emails from.  Yes, I have gotten a few women and a couple here and there.) know that we women get a ton of these and don’t respond to them, or do we women?  I have to think that most don’t.  Maybe the desperate ones might respond to, “Let’s fuck,” or “Nice tits.  I would look good between them.”  (Yes, that’s one of my favorites I received.)  But I would have to think they’re few and far between.  Even if a guy just wants to fuck, doesn’t he at least know how to online lie and try to make that happen?  I would think it’s common sense.

Which leads me to believe that common sense on a whole is a problem in our country.   Common sense isn’t taught.  It’s learned.  But why aren’t people learning anymore?  Is it because things like dating online are making the way to meet someone more convenient and easy.  Hence you’re not learning anything about how to really meet someone the old fashioned way because it’s so easy that you’re not taking anything away from it?  And it’s not just online dating.  People going down the wrong way in parking lots… up the downs and down the ups.  I’m not getting started on that one.

Anyway, I just wish people would put a little more thought into their actions, whether it be online or off.  Both actually!


11 thoughts on “Common Sense

  1. Any woman with half a brain who isn’t bat shit insane would never respond to such an email! Still, there are a ton of dumb asses out there. Obviously, these guys get responses some of the time… Sad. Sad.

  2. Girl, you know I’ve dealt with this as stated on my own blog . Interestingly enough I’ve had couples proposition me as well. WTF!?! Are we on the same dating sites lol? I’m equally confused because it seems men equate dating sites to just getting laid. I remember my brother in law told me once his well off, good looking friend was on multiple dating sites, just to have one night stands and he had plenty. Why do women become retarded when they are around a guy that makes a lot of money? He won’t marry you just because you look good naked and give good head you fucking idiot! Which is why I strictly obey the no sex rule until the relationship is in “official couple” status a.k.a. “The 3 month rule”. Ladies it works! And it weeds out all the guys that will just be wasting your time, energy and emotions. Unless you like your one night stands keep responding to those “Nice tits/ass/body…” messages. Ladies, let’s get it together already!!!

    • Great comment! I like your energy by the way. I have to think that women that respond to the “let’s fuck ads” would be the same ones that go home with guys from the bar. Or maybe this makes it easier for them because no one sees them leaving the bar. Regardless, it only it only takes a few women to agree to sex online and then do it to starts a snowball of emails like that that keeps growing and growing.

      I commented in past about this that there needs to be a dating site that somehow filters out those kinds of emails, even if it would cost more. I would pay for just for the convenience of not having to read all those pig written emails. Ooh, you got me fired up:)

  3. i think it’s a form of online Tourette syndrome. These “men” can’t go out in the free world and say these things to a living woman in front of them without getting bitch slapped, much less send pics of their body parts without getting arrested and becoming a registered sex offender… so they do the next best thing and get their jollies by letting loose on the web.

    what sites are you on?

    • I’ve bounce from POF and Match. I’ve tried OKCupid. I might give eHarmony a shot. Someone said it’s more up front work. But maybe that will help weed out the guys with OTS that can’t take the time to put in a little effort;)

      • love the acronym! i had good luck with match, but one of my friends found her guy on eharmony.

        it’s a ton of work up front and you have to join (pay), to even see the guys you are matched up with, but it’s supposed to hook you up at diff levels. quality vs quantity…

        either way, keep on weeding through (cause who are we kidding? all sites have their crazies), and im sure a great guy will come along. keep us posted!

      • The men on eharmony are more serious forrrr sure – highly reccomend!

        Yes, it’s expensive but that’s what google is for… Search for a promo code.

      • I had zero luck on eharmony. Literally 3 months on there and only one actual date from it. But I am non religious and after about 3 weeks it started matching me with the super Jesus guys. POF was a nightmare too as 90% of the guys on there seem the be just trolling for a hook up. Could just be the area I live in. Mormonville Utah is hard to date in no matter how you spin it.

  4. Looking on the positive site it’s actually great they write such weird upfront messages! Imagine a guy was hiding between sweet charming lines. Then you are all excited, meet him and he is a some maniac..So bless those ‘love your tits guys’!

    Coming back to eharmony, I haven’t come accross any of these. Maybe because I’ve just joined or maybe the site makes it a bit complicated as you normally have tons of impersonal conversations before writing an actual message, i.e. answering picked from the list questions, ‘must haves’ and ‘can’t stands’.

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