Common Sense

I’ve commented on some other blogs about this very subject recently and it’s made me decide to post about it.  Where is the common sense when it comes to online dating and in life in general? Let’s start with online dating.  What could a man possibly be thinking when they send a one line email […]

How Deep Is Shallow

So I’ve slowly been trying to control my dating addiction.  I still don’t know if I’m actually addicted though.  Anyway, I’ve been on a few dates with a guy we will call Roger.  Roger is sweet.  Roger is nice.  Roger has a brain.  Roger is attractive.  But Roger isn’t sexually attractive, to me at least. […]


I’ve been around know-it-alls all of my life.  I grew up with them.  I’ve worked with them. I’ve served jury duty with them.  Most recently, I found myself on a date with one. 4th of July eve drinks with Biff, why not?  Biff wasn’t his real name.  But Biff’s personality was exactly what you’d think […]