The Maiden Post

I guess I’m wondering, am I an internet dating addict?  I go on a lot of dates.  I’ve met some great guys and some schmucks.  I’ve had some great sex and some two pumps chumps.  So overall, it’s been a good experience for me after my lame marriage.  I guess I’ll have to tell about that in another post.

Anyway, I find myself on spending a lot of time on a few sites.  And a couple times, I’ve said”This is it,” after I’ve had a few bad dates in a row.  But I always find myself coming back to the sites.  It’s just so easy to set up a date.

Can there be such a thing as an internet dating addict?  I think I can stop completely.  But wouldn’t the only way to know is to stop completely?  Even if I stopped for a month, then I would get back on.  I think if I found someone I really wanted to be in a relationship with, I could stop.  Again, I’ll have to tell my back story of why I’m not looking for a relationship.  That will be next.


4 thoughts on “The Maiden Post

  1. In my opinion it is the end result that keeps you coming back… trying to find the one!! People tell you stories about someone they know that met their partner via these sites and when it doesn’t happen for you – you start to wonder if it is YOU…. 😦 Then you need to prove that it isn’t and round n round it goes.

    • That might be what’s in the back of my mind. But I’ve really just never dated much until I started online. And I like it. I like going out and doing things with different men. In a strange way, it’s helped me grow. I’ve grown more in the last two years than I did the previous 38.

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